President Donald Trump gives URGENT Press Conference at G7 Summit on Trade and NAFTA


There must be a lot of really bothered people right now.  I'm thinking of people of the Rothschild, Soros and Bloomberg ilk and all of the Globalists that have been scheming, cheating and lying their backsides off to bring America down to its knees in order to usher in their precious new world order.

In a Washington Post column today, Globalist George Soros is quoted as saying, in regards to his efforts to bring about his brand of globalism to America and the world, "Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong".  In the irony of all ironies, Soros goes on to say that Trump "is willing to destroy the world."  If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.

To destroy America militarily isn't something the Globalists can do, but that doesn't stop them from trying to weaken our national defense vis-a-vis Obama and the Dem's war on the military in every manner from undermining its moral underpinnings to an end of defense spending known as sequestration.

So the strategy has been to destroy America from within. The building block of the nation is the family unit.  Strong families mean a strong nation.  Likewise, strong families have always come from and our linked without question, to their moral fiber.
For decades culture warriors, implementing cultural Marxism, have attacked and successfully weakened the family unit.  Divorce today isn't even debated, it is simply accepted. The porn saturation of America, and its ramification on the family is rarely debated. Drug use has become (yawn) par for the course regularly destroying families, the influence of the gay agenda is a force to be reckoned with, Christian values are under attack like never before and in too many cases the American work ethic that helped to build this nation has been watered down through the welfare state, leaving more and more American's dependent on Big Government.
The list is much longer of course, but you get the point. We don't have a $21 trillion national debt, annual trade deficits of half a trillion dollars and an unresolved immigration problem that has allowed millions of non-Americans, often with non-American values to enter our nation causing further debt and crime because liberals are stupid.  No, we have these things because tearing down America is the globalist plan in order to usher in their one world government and its one world economy.

And Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters are screwing up their timeline.

Remember, Congressional Democrats, "Never Trumpers" (RINO's) and the MSM are just the useful idiots of the Global Elite's who want open borders, trade deficits, an ever growing national debt as well as social changes to tear down the family unit. -W.E.


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