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Ubiquitous SMART MegaCity Skylines


What dangers lurk for those living in SMART MegaCities....only dark shadows know?

Setting the Stage

These are the days of Revelation, where the individual is engulfed into an abyss of  team identity (human and machine); mandates for human trust of AI; virtual and earned citizenship, Deep Fakes, small unit tactical operations on city streets and multi-national Joint operations coalesce to hunting invisible adversaries and humans who are labeled 'the have not's,' the few who have chose not be augmented and enhanced.    Humans overwhelmingly accepted sentient AI projections as near-peers, so the trust factor comes up repeatedly between the humans who accept and embrace this technology willingly and those who remain skeptical.  The Evil One works on game theory and knows how your mind works, what your proclivities are, and what courses of action you are likely to favor. Time will tell who are the novice, the journeyman, and the expert. 
It is a day when Carnegie Mellon University, funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), deploy flexible, squishy silicon-based hydrogel jelly-fish that bores into your brain, defeating your defensive immune system, and jellyfish hydrosol that 'parasite' that bores to your brain adheres to the brain creating a macabre symbiotic relationship.  You will not even know it is there while the non-invasive electrodes monitor you every thought and action.  This one technology alone accelerates transhumanism with direct brain interface.  It will prove two be a two edged sword 'benefiting mankind' and making them more vulnerable.
The city becomes riddled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants sending secretly send commands. These secret messages are at frequencies that are embedded in an existing audio track that were undetectable to the human ear. The track could be played and the AI could be told to do any number of things, from transferring money, to adding an item to a shopping list, or opening a malicious website. The adversarial applications of this are immense and abundant. A nefarious actor could surreptitiously activate a device, mute it, and then send and receive information stored on it or even use it to unlock doors, start cars, or call other devices. Personalized Warfare will easily exploit our activated devices making us each vulnerable to not only physical dangers but virtual and invisible ones as well. 
But the most dangerous trend is that humanity will accept AI as possessing anthropomorphic, human-like qualities, that would definitely be a "leap forward" in more than just technology. In essence, this is a bold statement ascribing human traits 'to a perceived deity', the devil himself.
Leaders and experts responsible for tasked with making us safe and lacked imagination.  They turned to Futurists and science fiction Story telling to spark leaders to imagine beyond the numbers and broaden the assumptions needed to envision possible futures, especially as it concerns humans and emerging technologies.

SMART MegaCity Sprawl

Cities sprawl across the globe as people are forced into 'concentration' camps.  Two-thirds of the population lives in the city and that is increasing exponentially.  MegaCities are cities that have 10 million inhabitants.  You may believe that you are living in a suburb, small town, or even rural area but due to interconnection you are every bit tethered to the MegaCity.

As you know, the military has been preparing for some time to go into American cities and this is your window of opportunity to peek into the proposals that are moving forward.

'System of Systems' Framework

Due to the complexity of the urban terrain the military wants to adopt an urban analytic framework tailored to address the deep operational data layers found within urban centers, their dynamic environment, and their state of connectedness.
The military looks at the urban environment as a battlefield.  They have been practicing operating in urban environments overseas, for some time, but not in technologically advanced cities. The military is expanding traditional Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB). IPB often is challenged in several areas:
  • Dynamics between the components of problems within a complex system
  • Not conducive to an interactively complex Operational Environment.
  • Has difficulty taking variables into account.
  • They have little instruction on how to address a complex, multidimensional environment, and have little operational advice or examples of what challenges really lay ahead.

Challenges of MegaCity Living

Research is beginning to indicate the likelihood of more lethal competitors within the MegaCity environment. Current mental models are stuck on non-hybrid, warrior-like opponents when we find ourselves in hybrid-age with warriors within the invisible and visible realms.

Changes in military doctrine are developing knowledge experts in MegaCities where needed are who are assigned to monitor cities.


Due to artificial limits upon resources mandated by the United Nations (UN) resources such as food, water, power, and refuse will become strained.  As economies and regulations 'protecting' wilderness areas increase, a rapid rise in the density of urban areas will induce stressors on existing infrastructure and flow systems.  Old infrastructure is failing by design to allow new infrastructure to be built around a global web of interconnectedness.

Sea of Connectedness

Humans, data, and infrastructure is a 'sea of mass' that must be harnessed for the global system to move ahead.
And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.  Revelation 13:1

Connecting devices is only a small part of a SMART grid. IoT tiny part of what you will be seeing in the near future with technological structure and landscape. 

Demarcation Zones

We have all become desensitized by demarcation zones popularized by the UN. In history sovereign nations and cities that formerly had clear boundaries.  This has created an environment where we are being swallowed up alive by the Mega SMART City, every bit as much as Korach in his rebellion against God was swallowed up by the earth.
These SMART Mega Cities will blur the lines of where they begin and end, so you never know if you are in the city or outside of it.  As this agenda advances, boundaries will be absent and this will prove to be problematic for both citizenry and the military tasked with keeping order.

Cascading Complexities

As the UN is integrating all population areas into one easily monitored bio system it poses world-wide complications for certain operations, for instance disasters, which can have either a rolling reverberating impingement, or the standard domino effect where the resources in one urban center causes a cascade effect upon the resources of other cities spanning around the world.

Weaponry in Hiding

Urban warfare will be primary invisible where you are unable to see 'it' but 'it' can see you. Due to the deep shadows of cities the primary colors for urban camo are black, white, and various shades of gray.
After September 11, 2001 there was a feeding frenzy of money given by the government for security.  The cities with the most creative and intriguing grants received the monies.  You would truly be horrified if you knew just how many blink it towns are integrated with armored vehicles, state-of-the-art Emergency Operation (EOC) centers, and are ready for a first-strike nuclear attack.  With every federal dollar your city and local governments signed SF 424 A & B which obligates them to implement vast Federal Acts and the SMART system.

MegaCities are more susceptible to natural and manmade disasters especially when in they are perfectly situated near large bodies of water. Extreme water events such as floods can rapidly overwhelm the infrastructures causing life threatening situations in areas of increased urbanization.
Urban flooding was one of the first threats that I experienced in Emergency Management. One particular vivid recollection I has is when 13 straight storms hit San Diego.  Everything was closed down, even the military.  What was not told to the people was cracks had developed in dams upstream from San Diego.  Experts knew when the dam when millions would be killed as the water surged down Mission Valley.  Quietly, persons in the 'know' relocated to high ground. These situations can develop speedily creating hellish situations.
Urban flooding is not the only danger, earthquakes, tsunami's, wind storms, winter storms, mass demonstrations (language alert) or mobs; cyber attacks all have the potential for lethal consequences.   The MegaCities even creates their own perfect storm of destruction.
The larger or more connected a city is the more vulnerable it will become.

Vertical & Subterranean Landscape

Vertical and subterranean environments can complicate any military or private sector operation significantly, such as when Seattle's Big Bertha Borer met a mystery obstacle.  It cost Seattle taxpayers millions of additional dollars and years  to fix all of the problems.  While the public was being told that the subterranean tunnel was traffic there other reasons it was built
We are all familiar with towering skyscrapers reaching upward but most of you are unaware of the hive-like labyrinth that is being created right under our feet.  Existing 'old cities,' caverns, and created subterranean cities are connected through  underground network systems.  Subterranean design is the wave of the future.
Since ancient times, cities were often built and went defunct, and were rebuilt upon the old foundations.  In the ancient world these were called 'tells', layer upon layers of cities.  Tunnel systems were very common in archaic city architecture. 

Disease in the SMART MegaCity

It is no secret that MegaCities are a Petri dish for every type of global disease.  Due to high density citizens and animals come face to face with reservoirs of diseases that their immune systems have no idea how to fight off.  Some diseases are natural, many are weaponized, and they can be transmitted by air, land, contact, fluids, and by vectors.
Since 1741 colonial America has had a notifible disease reporting system which was eventually non-nonchalantly transferred to the UN.   On May 22, 1869 the State of Massachusetts asserted through legislative action that, "all governments since the time of Moses (Leviticus chapters 11-16) are established to protect the life and health of their people," resulting in the first health department.  When you see the words, "life, health and welfare" in any government document, they are a key to suspending Constitutional rights and liberties and preventing the right to petition redress of grievances, and unlimited surveillance.  This particular wording is called the emergency clause and it has been inserted into everything from public roads to parks.   In a global dominated governance system sovereign Constitutions mean nothing.
People not must be concerned about infections themselves, but also mountains of regulations that have been put in place to deal with imminent pandemics and epidemics.
We are experiencing a massive upheaval in the way medical data:

Defined, stored, captured, visualized, and shared is needed for more easily transportable semi-autonomous and autonomous Tactical Combat Casualty Care capabilities to support future missions. This will require a paradigm shift in the practice of operational medicine from an “art” that employs subjective measures to assess and treat, to a “science” based on employing objective quantifiable measuresTRADOC

 Go with the Flow

We do not often consider that our lives flow through time and space.  Whether work, relationships, waterways, projects, vehicular traffic, cash they all flow.  Once digitized, everything must be accounted precisely.

You can not imagine, unless you have experienced it, the dynamics of a mob mentality.  In 1994, I attended the World Cup Finals in Pasadena, California.  After the preliminary games Brazilian citizens assembled.  That crowd was energized with emotion, transcended civilized behavior, and moved with a fluid-like flow, as if the was hive following a Queen Bee.  As I viewed the crowd it became obvious that the individual was lost in what Scripture calls a sea of people.  That group was volatile, dangerous, with a religious fervor because "God was with them".
Greater emphasis must be placed on strategically supporting, manipulating, and/or undermining the flows, infrastructure, and systems of the megacity, as opposed to current emphasis on kinetic, military tasks TRADOC

Cyber Battle

The Private Sector, government, and the military are changing their attitude towards cyberwarfare and innovate new ideas and concepts for warfare. This is especially critical in cities with high densities of smart technology where the Internet of Everything (IoE) is proving to be a wealth of intelligence information and revenue streams.

SMART MegaCity Predator: Speed & Agility

Seattle seems to be a lighting rod for exotic weaponry and its usage.  From the Seattle WTO riots of 1999 taking rioters to the Sandpoint Naval Station which was converted to a prison; to the Samari welding man during real government exercises; to people who are well prepared for whatever may happen; to cyber hackers on both sides, in a technological cat and mouse game.
Continually evolving infrastructures, subculture populations, and a plethora of places to “hide in plain sight” will present a particular challenge to those gathering data, today and well into the future.

Disasters in the MegaCity

We are going to witness an exponential thrust towards speed, agility, and adaptation for all projects. Large, long-term development sustainable projects have been relegated to a by-gone era. programs. Smaller, faster, and more flexible systems are needed to supersede existing weapons and other systems including remote software updates and deployment of upgrades to our toolkits in as little as days or hours.

We have barely touched the surface of how the SMART MegaCity will impact your life.  Real-time or near real-time truth data is going to be critical to make wise decisions for all aspects of your life.  The best place is to receive your data from the Holy Scripture which is infallible and is immune from DeepFakes which deceive.

Lessons of Faith, Highways, and Tunnels

When we receive bitter news it is always insightful to plumb the depths of our faith for something applicable. Ray Vandelaan teaches us about the importance of the highway (today we face the information highway) that intersects great empires and the tell at Har Megiddo, the scene of Armageddon, the symbol of the battle for the End of the World.  That battle is about good versus evil.  The final battle at Har Megiddo is ultimately for the control of the world.  In the end God wins. Where are you in skirmishes you encounter each day?

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