‘The Evil Face of the Deep State’: The Disturbing Faces of Peter Strzok

Image Credits: twitter, Cernovich.

In case you missed his testimony when it was happening live, these photos don't represent "artful" photography meant to show Strzok in a negative light after the fact.  In my case, I noticed these disturbing expressions that look as if he is demonically possessed as they were occurring.  Odd indeed. -W.E.


Many on social media are pointing out FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s weird facial expressions during his congressional testimony Thursday. 

The embattled Strzok appeared to make smug and contemptuous facial gestures, as he was grilled before House Judiciary and Oversight Committees over numerous anti-Trump text messages sent during his time with FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Strzok, who has also been criticized by President Trump, also led the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private use of an email server.

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