Kavanaugh Comes Out as a Pro-Abortion Sleeper


Kavanaugh Comes Out under Questioning as an Anti-Constitution Legal Precedent Worshiper.

It was a repeat performance of Brett Kavanaugh’s “Dancing For The Marxocrats”. Just as he had done with Chuck Schumer, Kavanaugh was able to please Susan Collins, the “Sleeper” Republicrat who lives and breaths the sociopolitical ideology of Marxocratism.

She is pro-abortion, and so is Brett Kavanaugh.


You probably thought he was a Catholic, and a strict American Constitutionalist. Wrong-o. He is a strict observer of Stare Decisis, the legal doctrine of strictly following all established legal precedents in deciding legal cases brought before the court. 

Even if a precedent is unconstitutional and therefore illegal. 

That is a legal error that grossly grows and multiplies itself over time. Any accepted unconstitutional (and therefore illegal) legal precedent is reinforced in civil law and in cultural favor every single time it is upheld in later cases. To fail to overturn such legal travesties as Rove v Wade, Doe v Bolton, Obergefell v Hodges and the Upholding Of Obamacare was to move American government and American law out from under the Constitution and into vague, indeterminate and corrupt territory.
Unconstitutional territory.

Such things as homosexuality, marriage, abortion, medicine and insurance are not to be found among the limited and enumerated powers of the federal government listed in Article One Section Eight of the Constitution. That means they are out of scope for the federal government. They are State matters, or local jurisdiction matters, or private-sector matters. In accordance with the Constitution, you simply can’t make a federal case out of any of them.
  • The legislative branch cannot make law concerning them.
  • The executive branch cannot enforce law concerning them.
  • The judicial branch cannot adjudicate case law concerning them.
But Kavanaugh doesn’t care about that. He is a “sleeper” Progressive, cut from the same cloth as Kennedy and Roberts. We warned about him in Pro-Abortion Kavanaugh.

Now we see him, in Kavanaugh Comes out Of The Closet, confirming what we warned about, and repeating, for the record:

Following her two-hour meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh Tuesday, Senator Susan Collins of Maine told reporters that the Supreme Court nominee has made clear to her he believes the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade is “settled law.”

Given the opportunity, Kavanaugh will not overturn standing unconstitutional abortion law, established not by legislation, but by unconstitutional adjudication. Raising the Court to the supreme level of law maker as well as law adjudicator. We may as well not have a Congress at all, and Article One Section One of the Constitution may as well not even exist.

Read Cliff Kincaid’s history of Kavanaugh in The Deep State Wears Black Robes. Kavanaugh is no true Catholic, nor is he a true Constitutionalist. He is an “Establishment”, Clintonista deep-state operative, deeply involved in the cover-up of the Vincent Foster murder. 

He will prove to be a “sleeper” in conservative robes, generally voting and following in the judicial footsteps of Roberts, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer, if not always, then sometimes, depending on the political wind of the day.

In cases concerning standing law, Stare Decisis will trump the Constitution in his decisions. He will not oppose any precedent, which means in essence that he disapproves of the Constitution. And since he so respects unconstitutional precedents, he will not hesitate to vote to make any more of them should the opportunities arise.

Despite his oath of office in which he must solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution – and not the doctrine of Stare Decisis – in the very performance of his Constitutional office.

As far as he is concerned, the Constitution may be damned.

The Court knows best. 

Note that nowhere does the Constitution grant any special interpretive authority over itself to any one of the three coequal branches of federal government. The Court unconstitutionally assumed that authority unto itself, and the only reason the Court today holds sole interpretive authority over the Constitution is that no President and no Congress up until now has stood up and opposed that unconstitutional situation.
  • Congress has sole authority to legislate new federal law, and Congress must know the Constitution in order to do that.
  • The President has sole authority to enforce existing federal law, and the President must know the Constitution in order to do that.
  • The Court has sole authority to adjudicate existing federal law, and the Court must know the Constitution in order to do that.
All, equally, must know the Constitution. All are required, before they assume their Constitutional offices, to swear in an oath of office to uphold the Constitution in the performance of their respective offices.

When any of them violates the Constitution in the performance of their office they thereby violate their own oath of office, and commit an impeachable offense, at the very least. A violation of the Constitution in the performance of a Constitutional office is a crime, since the Constitution is, as it declares itself to be, the Supreme Law Of The Land.

What does this mean, in black and white language?

In this unique-in-all-the-world American Ideology, rooted in the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution, no man, no group of men and no human organization “rules”, or has any controlling or overriding authority over the American nation.
  • The Constitution itself is the American nation’s solelegal and legitimate authorized ruler.
  • Presidential executive power is granted and limited by the Constitution, and by nothing else.
  • Congressional legislative power is granted and limited by the Constitution, and by nothing else.
  • Judiciary power is granted and limited by the Constitution, and by nothing else.
  • Voting power of the citizenry is granted and limited by the Constitution, and by nothing else.
  • The Constitution, as a legal document, is designed to be easily self-interpreting, written in very straightforward English.
What needs to be permanently recognized are the facts that:
  • The Presidency is a purely Constitutional Office.
  • The Senate is a purely Constitutional Office.
  • The Representative is a purely Constitutional Office.
  • The Supreme Court is a purely Constitutional Office.
  • American Citizenship is a purely Constitutional Office.
  • All stand equal before the law, and the Supreme Lawof the nation is the Constitution itself.
When Judge Kavanaugh favors Stare Decisis, to the point of following established legal precedent even when that precedent is unconstitutional and therefore illegal, what that reveals is that he is no strict Constitutionalist who holds the American Ideology most dear.

As Cliff Kincaid has shown, that may be the least of Kavanaugh’s problems.

Nevertheless, the Constitution is more important than Stare Decisis.

Every Representative and every Senator who voted to pass the unconstitutional Obamacare law violated the Constitution and his oath of office to do it, committing an impeachable crime.

Every Supreme Court Justice who upheld the unconstitutional Obamacare law violated the Constitution and his oath of office to do it, committing an impeachable crime. The Court even went so far as to unconstitutionally rewrite part of Obamacare before approving it, thereby doubling their cooperation in committing a crime.

Every Supreme Court Justice, a majority, who, quite unconstitutionally, voted to establish in law such unconstitutional abominations as Separation of Church and State, Abortion and Homosexual Marriage violated the Constitution and his oath of office to do it, committing an impeachable crime.
Bottom line, President Trump, or any American President with the balls to do it, could systematically eliminate unconstitutional and therefore illegal standing law at will, the principle of stare decisis not withstanding.

Following the example set by the Court in Maybury v Madison, he could quite simply declare any clearly unconstitutional standing law to be unconstitutional, illegal and therefore null and no law, from that date forward. (If the Court can do it, the Presidency can do it.)

And he could call for the impeachment of all of those who made it law, provided he had a Congress that would back him up and act on it.

 President Trump, like me and a lot of Americans, might have been snookered by all the conservative accolades piled on Judge Kavanaugh. He is obviously political, and politically correct, and courting favor to get the appointment, even courting support of evil people. That’s part of the sad state of affairs in current American government. 

America would be better served by an Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, but it looks like that horse has left the barn, and now Kavanaugh will likely be approved since all Marxocrats and not a few Repbulicrats so deeply love and sponsor abortion.

Personally, I’m praying that the nomination of Kavanaugh will fail somehow, and Barrett will be put forward for the seat.

And that President Trump will get the Constitutional bug, and start killing unconstitutional laws. If he doesn’t do it, who will?

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