The Most Shocking Interview You Will Ever Hear: Washington's Dirty Little Secret

For two thousand years the Church has prayed what has become known as the "Lord's Prayer", reciting it (unbiblically in my view) over and over and praying "Thy Kingdom Come".  Thank God that DAY will come.  And with it the justice that is due workers of iniquity that is so unspeakable most can barely fathom it exists.  

It is very real.

Lauren Statford wrote her story more than two decades ago in an autobiography entitled Satan's Underground:

"Gone was a little child's innocence, gone was a little child's trust. Gone was a little child's smile. Gone were a little child's dreams. Gone was the little child period. She was captive in a world that no child should ever have to endure."

The following brief interview brings to mind this type of iniquity and the pain, the Satanic inspired misery it brings to the 'least of these'.  -W.E.

Scott Anthony

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