Pastor, Ex-Muslim Arrested For Speaking to Muslims at the Mall of America (VIDEO)


Enforcing the sharia at the Mall of America.

Source: VIDEO: Pastor, Ex-Muslim Arrested, Handcuffed to a Metal Chair, Denied Attorney, Water and Men’s Room Access for Hours at the Mall of America. [Part 1] – Third Rail Talk interviewed California based Pastor Ramin Parsa on August 27th and discovered that while visiting Minnesota last week for his three day visit, and congregation presentation earlier on Saturday, Pastor Parsa was invited by his host to visit the Mall of America, for an enjoyable stroll and coffee, and for his first time in one of Minnesota’s most renowned iconic attractions.

While at the Mall, Pastor Parsa struck up a mutually enjoyable conversation with a couple of young Somali women, who appeared to be delighted to visit with he and his local pastor friend.

Hearing his Iranian accent, that they were intrigued. They asked him where he was from, and hearing that he was born and raised in Iran, and into the Muslim community there, they inquired as to whether he was a practicing Muslim. He replied, no, and indicated that he had converted to Christianity years ago and paid a dear price (torture, interrogations, and ministry harassment) for his commitment to the Christian church, and the teachings of Jesus Christ …All due to his Christian conversion, he further replied to the interested women.

One Somali woman however, who was initially listening to the exchange from a distance, approached the group conversation, objected loudly, and chastised Pastor Parsa, the other pastor, as well as the Somali women, and demanded of the women, that they “not listen to this man”, and directed Pastor Parsa harshly to leave the Somali women alone. Pastor simply suggested to the clearly distraught Somali woman, that the two women were simply asking questions respectfully, and asking for some answers from him, which he was pleased to provide.

Frivolous Accusation by an Angry Somali Woman

The obviously angry Somali woman who was nearby still, overheard more of the conversation and left the area to falsely report this gathering and discussion to the nearby Mall of America Security officer, as a threat, and as “harassment”. The two Somali women engaged in the conversation with Pastor Parsa and his Minnesota host, actually spoke up in defense of Pastor Parsa, and indicated clearly to the Mall officer, that “they were just talking”.

The MOA “security officer” ignored the plea of the two Somali women, in defense of the pastors, and then told the pastors that they were “not permitted to discuss religion in the Mall”, and demanded that they stop, or they would be escorted out of the Mall immediately, or they “would be arrested for soliciting and Illegal trespass”, for ignoring HIS order to cease.

The three visitors to the Mall said their goodbye’s, thanked the ladies for the time spent, and left for a nearby coffee shop, where they ordered their beverages.

When they exited the café, they were met by the original “security officer”, and now, accompanied by two more so-called MOA “security officers”.

“Security” demanded that Pastor Parsa leave the MOA “immediately” or be arrested. He responded by asking a respectful question as to “Why now”? “What have I done now”?

Handcuffed, Arrested, Denied Water And Call to an Attorney – For Hours

The “security officers”, clearly picking a fight with this visitor to Minnesota, handcuffed Pastor Parsa behind his back, and hauled him of[f] to, what I can only describe as “MOA Jail”. He was literally, delivered to an interrogation room in the sub-basement of the MOA—handcuffed to a steel chair—which was bolted to the floor—for the next two-plus hours of his life, and detained him for hours while he was harassed.

He was denied the water he requested until the end of the ordeal, when Bloomington MN PD was expected to arrive—denied his requested restroom break until the end, and Bloomington MN PD was expected to arrive—being badgered by officers, attempting to barter “water for a demanded photograph of him”, (which he refused)—denied a phone call—denied a requested attorney—denied a request for his “Miranda rights” to be read to him (This also happened when he requested his rights to be read to him by the Bloomington PD as well later)—continually denied him the right to know, per his repeated request, to know what he had actually done to violate any “law” or written MOA security policy, and for hours before they actually called the Bloomington MN Police Department personnel, for them to in turn, take him into custody again, for “booking and processing”.

At some point a Bloomington Police Officer came to the Mall and took pastor Parsa, handcuffed him once again from behind, and placed Pastor Parsa into his BPD police cruiser. He was then taken to the Bloomington Police Department, booked, given a citation—to appear “personally” back in front of a Hennepin County Judge Minnesota—sometime into the future, and released on a $78 bail. According to pastor Parsa, the BPD officer never inquired as to what was the reason for the arrest in the first place (a copy of the complete report will be requested shortly).

Banned by The Mall, Court Appearance Pending

The Mall of America has banned pastor Parsa for 6 months from its premises, including the hotels, and he is now awaiting a court date, and again, to appear personally in front of a Minnesota Court soon.

This also would suggest, that Pastor Parsa is due to return back to Minnesota, from his California Home (and Church), at his own time and expense, in order to have appear before a Minnesota Judge.

Pastor Parsa was charged with “Criminal Trespassing” trespassing as per Bloomington City Code Sections 12.07-12.12

Pastor Ramin’s story is an amazing story of survival, courage and faith. He was born and raised in Iran. Which is to say, he was born into slavery, and forced servitude to a 1,400 year-old culture.

His family suffered greatly from the Iranian Islamic Revolution. One of his brothers was killed and most of their family’s possessions were taken.

Ramin first heard the message of Christianity through satellite TV and became a convert while still in Iran, and later on escaped. He is now pastoring a church in California, has his own YouTube Channel and has published a book telling his story in detail.

You can get in touch with pastor Ramin through his website at

The Third Rail interview below.