The Real Wealth Gap

This is coming, and coming faster than the world realizes. Billions upon billions of dollars are being spent in laboratories all over the world for "homo sapiens 2.0".

In a 2011 article out of the United Nations University,  entitled "OS Homo Sapiens 2.0: New Human Software Coming Soon?", writer Gregory Trencher says this:

Operating System (OS) Homo Sapien’ is in desperate need of an upgrade. As long as international climate negotiations are founded upon the interests of individual nations, they will be doomed to failure.

He then goes on to say: 

It is no small event that some of the most eminent scientists on Earth are beginning to articulate a new vision of a living, interconnected planet and human species.

Little do the "Overlords" of this new paradigm know, they too will have to take the Mark. They too will bow to the image of the Beast that their technology and their worldview helped to manifest.  -W.E.

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