Powerful! Former Bernie Sanders Activist Explains why she #WalkedAway from the Democratic Party (Video)

image: millennialred.com

This is yet still another riveting and frightening grassroots #WalkAway story from a former Leftist who dared think for herself and saw the Democrat Party for what it is. 

Previously she had been very active in the Bernie Sanders 2016 election campaign and also shares the account of why her 93 year-old grandfather, a life-long Democrat also walked away and voted Trump.

Thousands upon thousands of people continue to boldly and courageously take the time to stand up to the Left and post videos online as to why they have had enough of the Democrats and their vile politics of hate, corruption and division and have left the Democrat Party they once aligned themselves with.

To learn more about the #WalkAway movement and their planned march on Washington D.C. later this month, visit:  https://walkawaymarch.com/

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