Beyonce’s ex-Drummer Exposes Her for Witchcraft, the Mystery Hand Sign


By this time, here in 2019, the people who cared to know probably already learned except for the young: in Hollywood, there’s a lot of weird cult-like behavior, hand signs, and common practices that can only be explained by some cult or cults of people that exist there in the music industry and entertainment industry.

A few distinct hand signs are made by people in the realm of entertainment, and that actually extends into politicians, and even the pope. People can’t draw conclusions for certain, but with some common sense anecdotal observation, it’s obvious something is up.

If you can explain why the pope would put both his hands over his eyes to make a double “666 handsign,” go ahead and explain that in the comments.

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For those who know how to recognize the body language of people concealing an inside joke, we’ll look at what Beyonce’s ex-drummer Kimberley Thompson had to say.

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The former drummer in Beyonce’s band has filed a restraining order against the singer, accusing her of using “black magic” against her. She doesn’t sound crazy.
She did an interview which can be found below, in which she was very careful with her words like any person would be, speaking on a matter that would almost certainly provoke retaliation if what she said was true.

She admitted that over the course of several years while she worked with Beyonce, she was subject to a “campaign of harassment,” and she accused Beyonce of using dark magic, extreme witchcraft and “magic spells of sexual molestation.”

The drummer even accused her (most likely whoever she sent) of taking the life of her kitten, breaking her relationships down, and other things that are most likely difficult to explain.
In an interview, she said:

“The public doesn’t know all these things, but the people that are associated in the higher powers…do…I’ve just been bullied…it has taken God’s strength to really make me get up and go stand up for myself, and doing that starting with a restraining order. I don’t want anything to do with this person, I’ve even relocated cities, houses and apartments….This person was casting spells and manipulating me…just all kinds of things….I’ve even traveled to different cities and have been followed with this Witchcraft stuff.”

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She continued and added something positive and spiritual to her sentiment, adding that we’re here on Earth in her view, to strengthen our souls, to heal and overcome fears.

In a little bit of advice to people who are being bullied, or targeted in a similar manner to what she reportedly experienced, she added that those people have to face their true selves and practice self love, nurturing one’s self much more.

She reassured those who has been abused or sexually molested that it wasn’t their fault. The person who initiated the abuse is in much more pain than the victim, she added, certainly not to defend the abuser but illustrate that the person suffering from abuse can rest easy with a clear conscience, while the abuser cannot.

If you can’t see a malicious look in somebody’s eye, or the fact that a certain handsign is not a coincidence, you might be susceptible to being manipulated.

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Inside jokes have a distinct body language: it’s important to know this.

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