WARNING: New World Order America 2014

"They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer)." -Revelation 9:11

Nature abhors a vacuum.  
As liberty's are incrementally decreased throughout our land, a new era of control over the masses has come.  
We see it often in the news, but the stories are presented as separate, the media rarely, if ever, connects the dots if you will, of what is really happening in this country.  
As we debate important topics like Obamacare in this nation, the media never reports the bigger picture.  
This video, while not all-encompassing, is in itself a news story because dots are connected.  The videos pieced together are a collage that pieces together parts to a puzzle in which the endgame is nothing short of the New World Order becoming ever more prominent.  It is no longer lurking behind the scenes, but rather spilling over into our every day lives, and in a big way.  
It has gained its foothold because American citizens have refused to heed the signs, to listen to men who have been trying to expose it for decades. Even as massive and obvious as it is today, American's still take their mainstream news pablum at the risk of our very nation.
Wake up O' sleeper!  As your constitution has been ebbing away, your jobs have been sent overseas.  Your children have been brainwashed and conditioned through constant "entertainment" that is overloaded with occult images in music, movies and books, online gaming often mixed with chemical abuse and invited into living rooms across America. 
Your enemies, wearing suits and ties, have crossed over our borders and taken leadership positions in every institution in America including government, banking, media, education and entertainment.  
Your churches don't speak out specifically against evil in our midst, including the evil of Radical Islam growing in, yes, your home town. 

The foundations and the soul of our once proud nation is being taken from us all, transformed, before our tear-stained eyes, and who will stand in the gap for her?
Jason A

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